Temple Boom

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Temple Boom

Temple Boom is an action-packed shooting game that takes place in an ancient tower. To continue exploring the tower, you have to defeat the monsters.

A gunfight will take place in an old tower filled with bad spirits, monsters, and bandits. The lighting in the tower is extremely poor, so enemies can’t see the enemy clearly. You’ll need to constantly run, jump, catch up with the bad guys, and shoot at them as quickly as possible when you go inside the tower. In order to destroy the obstacles in your way quickly, choose and exchange stronger weapons to fly, walk, jump, and use other types of movement. Monsters can fly, walk, jump, and use other types of movement.

You can fight alone against these gangs in the temples or you can enlist the support of your friends to fight a super battle against them. By opening the box, you can get new, more powerful weapons.