The Evolution of the Google Dino Game: A Brief History

In the ever-expanding world of technology, sometimes it’s the simplest things that capture our hearts. One such gem is the Google Dinosaur Game, also known as the No Internet Game. This deceptively straightforward browser game has a fascinating history that traces its origins back… Read More

Google Dino Game and the Google Doodles

Google Doodles are temporary alterations of the Google logo displayed on the company’s homepage to celebrate special events, holidays, achievements, and notable historical figures. These custom-designed logos often incorporate interactive elements, animation, and artistic representations related to the theme being honored. Google Doodles are a creative way for the… Read More

1v1.LOL: The Action-Packed Browser Game That Took the World by Storm

The world of online gaming received a thrilling addition when 1v1.LOL was introduced in 2020. A fast-paced and action-packed browser game, 1v1.LOL has captured the hearts and minds of gamers everywhere by combining the excitement of battle royale with the strategy of tower defense. JustPlay.LOL created this free-to-play… Read More

Roar into action with the Dinosaur Endless Runner Video Game Genre

Endless runner games have become a popular sub-genre of mobile gaming in recent years. They are characterized by their simple, addictive gameplay, intuitive controls, and never-ending nature of the game. Players are challenged to navigate an endless course while avoiding obstacles and collecting rewards while trying to achieve the highest… Read More Expands and Redesigns Website

What started as an after-school hobby fueled by a love of games and a desire to share, No Internet Game has grown from a modest website with a few games to a redesigned and improved website offering more fun than ever and continues to grow almost daily. No… Read More

A Small World Cup - The Popularity and Rise of Online Soccer Games

It’s undeniable that soccer, referred to as football outside of the US, is the most popular sport on the planet today. The number of soccer fans worldwide is estimated to be more than half the global population and continues to grow in popularity in the US. With the dazzling talents… Read More

The Evolution of No Internet Games

When people started discovering that you could play an endless runner game on Chrome when you have no internet, it became a sensation. The simple game, which involves the dinosaur that appears when you have no internet connection in Chrome, has provided endless entertainment to people looking for a distraction… Read More

Dinosaur Games - Have a Roaring Good Time

Gaming doesn’t have to be all about the graphics, since computer users have been gaming since before personal computers and advanced gaming consoles even made it to the home, starting with the first game of Pong. The dinosaur game introduced by Google was all about giving their users something… Read More

How to Play the No Internet Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

Did you know that Chrome has a hidden game in it starring a dinosaur? Here’s how to play the Chrome dinosaur game whenever you want. Are you looking to kill some time? There are few better ways than with a game like the Chrome dinosaur game. This endless runner has… Read More

Seven Racing Games That Don’t Need WiFi

No WiFi? No problem, there are many racing games that can be played without Wifi. Generation X and some Millennials will remember playing video games with no Wi Fi. We even had watches with games on them, like Donkey Kong. The internet was not like it is today. To play… Read More

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