Seven Racing Games That Don’t Need WiFi

No WiFi? No problem, there are many racing games that can be played without Wifi.

Generation X and some Millennials will remember playing video games with no Wi Fi. We even had watches with games on them, like Donkey Kong. The internet was not like it is today. To play a game on your computer you put the floppy disk in and waited for the game to load. This style of game still exists, and it can be played on a site that requires no internet. As someone who grew up playing racing games it is exciting to see these seven racing games available.


This is a typical pod style racing game that has you racing your vehicle on the track without trying to touch a wall. There are boosts on the tracks to gain speed. The track is full of twists and turns and is colorful to try and distract the driver. The controls are super easy, but the challenges do get more difficult.

Speed Racer

This is a pixel car that drives with both flowing traffic and oncoming traffic. In order to continue racing you need to collect fuel and time. You can collect them while weaving in and out of traffic. You will need to be quick to get the goods without hitting another car.

Car Rush

Playing games with no Wi Fi can bring back memories. Car Rush reminds me of playing Out Run. You’ll be driving a red convertible with a girl at your side. The graphics are simple, but you need to beat the time limit in order to continue.

Games With No Wi Fi Can Include Other Types of Racing

One hundred meter racing is a track and field game. This is an easy game to play; it is mashing two buttons (left and right arrows) to try and go faster than other racers without tiring out. For those who have pride of their nation, you can race for your country!

Horse Racing

You may not be able to win money playing games with no Wi Fi, but you can still race horses. This is a simple game – pick a horse to win, place or show. Place your bets, then sit back and watch until the photo finish. Then, if you are lucky, collect your money.


Some games with no Wi Fi have a different style of racing then the traditional racing games. In Aquapark you are racing down a water slide and trying not to fall off. You are competing against others on the water slide. If you fall off, you can get lucky and fall onto a lower level of the slide. If not, then into the ocean you go!

Dinosaur Skateboarding

There are a variety of dinosaur games with no Wi Fi. This is the simplest of all racing games. There are two buttons for jump and duck. Jump over obstacles and then duck under flying ones. All you see is a pixel dinosaur and a line. It sounds simple and it is, but it is a great time killer and more challenging then it appears. If skateboarding is not your thing try classic, hurdle or equestrian challenges.

We do rely on the internet for our entertainment, yet many of us grew up without it and had fun playing games with no Wi Fi. There are many styles of games to try from board games to first person shooter on our site.

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