Why is There a Dinosaur in Google Chrome?

In most cases, users are browsing the internet using their Chrome browser when the Wi-Fi unexpectedly goes down. All of a sudden, Chrome’s offline message appears along with an adorable little jumping dinosaur. This unexpected hidden Easter egg game that is embedded into Chrome is a delightful distraction to help entertain users while the internet connection issues are resolved.

What is the Chrome Dinosaur?

The Chrome dinosaur game is a simple yet addictive jumping and crouching game. As the background scrolls past, gamers must either make the dinosaur leap over obstructions like cacti or crouch under higher obstacles like flying birds. With only two keys required, the up arrow or spacebar and the down arrow, it is easy to jump right in and take control of the cute little dinosaur. The simple nature of the game means that anyone can play.

As gameplay continues, the speed of the dinosaur increases as does the frequency of the obstacles. Unfortunately, the game is often interrupted by the return of the internet connection. That’s why we included the addictive game to our roster at No Internet Game. You can play for as long as you want – even when your internet connection is working perfectly.

History of the Chrome Dinosaur

The adorable Chrome dinosaur game isn’t just a fun distraction. It actually has an interesting history. According to some sources, the original game from 2014 was designed as an homage to the times before widespread Wi-Fi – the dinosaur era of the internet.

Since patchy internet connections are common, as are Chrome users, the Chrome dinosaur game quickly became one of the most played games. Millions of Chrome dinosaur games are played each month around the world. The simple gameplay along with the classic graphic style makes it appealing to a wide variety of players.

Playing Chrome Dinosaur Games Anytime

The fun, easy, and addictive nature of the dinosaur game makes it a great addition to our selection of video games on No Internet Game. We have put together a collection of delightful, easy to learn, and easy-to-play games. All you need is a browser to access fun, free games at any time. And since we offer them through our quick loading website, you don’t have to shut down your internet connection to play.

At No Internet Game, we offer a number of variations on the Chrome dinosaur game, including the classic dinosaur, hurdling, equestrian, surfing, skateboarding, surfing, gymnastics, 3-D, night, Godzilla, and even 5-Rex. We also have games that feature other popular characters like SpongeBob, Mario, Mickey, Batman, Naruto, Santa, and PacMan. You can also check out Among Us, Simon Says, Craftnite, Wheel of Fortune, Temple Run 2, and the popular Geometry Dash. All of these great games are available for free on one handy website.

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