How to Play the No Internet Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

Did you know that Chrome has a hidden game in it starring a dinosaur? Here’s how to play the Chrome dinosaur game whenever you want.

Are you looking to kill some time? There are few better ways than with a game like the Chrome dinosaur game. This endless runner has soaked up millions of hours of play from people around the world for its simplicity and pure joy. But how exactly do you access this hidden game on your Chrome browser, and how can you play different versions to keep things fresh?

Today, we answer both questions and explore the origins of the game itself.

Chrome’s hidden dinosaur game

First developed in 2014, the Chrome dinosaur game was built as an Easter egg inside of the Chrome browser for anyone who encountered a “No Internet Connection” style of error. The game is an endless runner, where a simple T-Rex runs across a desert and the player avoids obstacles like cacti. When a person reaches a high score of 999,999 the score simply resets, and a player can keep going.

The Dino game has become a smash success for Google. They have played around with it occasionally to mark different occasions, like how they change their home page logo for important holidays, birthdays of historical figures and more. For the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, for example, Google introduced different versions to celebrate different sports.

Top ways to play the Chrome dinosaur game

The easiest way to play the Chrome dinosaur game is to simply turn off your devices internet and then try and search for any page using the Google Chrome internet browser. From there, you will access the endless runner game, vying for your personal top score and playing for however long you want.

Of course, this option leads to a few issues. First is that you’re now no longer connected to the internet. For anyone who needs a continual connection for anything from simple browsing to receiving email, this can be a problem. Of course, you can also follow the link “chrome://dino”

to play the game with an internet connection. The problem with that is you’re playing the most basic version of the game.

No Internet Games has built on the original Chrome dinosaur game to offer a ton of variety. From a Mickey Mouse version for Disney fans to equestrian versions and more, we have built new versions that enhance the original version and increase the fun. Plus, you can play it while still connected to the internet.

Your source for the best no internet games

The Chrome dinosaur game is one of the internet’s greatest and most-used Easter eggs, which is amazing since it originally required you to not have the internet to play it. Today, you can play it online and in many different versions on No Internet Games, your source for playing the Dinosaur Game, and many others. Be sure to explore our large library of arcade games that are sure to entertain you for hours. Everything from first-person shooters to sports games and more are available. Browse through our entire collection to start killing time today.

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