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What started as an after-school hobby fueled by a love of games and a desire to share, No Internet Game has grown from a modest website with a few games to a redesigned and improved website offering more fun than ever and continues to grow almost daily.

No Internet Game was the brainchild of a sophomore high school student named Thomas. During the Covid pandemic, people were stuck inside their homes, and a complete lifestyle shift began for many people worldwide. Many activities came to a halt; some couldn’t work, others began working from home, and education at all levels shifted to online learning.

With nowhere to go and activities canceled, Thomas created the No Internet Game website, ensuring the games were ad-free and easy to play. For him, gaming isn’t simply about mindlessly spending hours in front of a screen wasting time. Casual gaming has many documented benefits, which is why he wanted to share it with others. Even though many tools claim they can help you create a website quickly and without technical knowledge, Thomas took it as a challenge. Using online educational websites, learning from others, and brainstorming with family, No Internet Game was born after he expanded his horizons, improved his technical expertise, and explored his creative side.

A little over two years after No Internet Game was launched, it has grown to over 230 free games. It used to be a small, simple website with just a few games, but with the increasing number of games available, No Internet Game needed a redesign, including adding categories, featured game sections, a search function, and a blog. While these may seem like simple additions, they are all necessary to make it easier for gamers to navigate and find what they want.

What started as a way to help people pass the time, No Internet Game now offers people the chance to escape from the frenzy of the real world, and spend a few hours playing fun games ranging from skill-enhancing games to various multiplayer games, allowing people to either compete or cooperate with other players around the world.

The No Internet Game website will continue to evolve and grow as long as people enjoy playing on it. With more and more users every day, the future looks bright.

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