What are the Most Popular Dinosaur Games?

There are a huge number of dinosaur games on the market. Some are as realistic as rampaging dinosaurs can be while others are more about agility and reaction time. Gamers of all ages love playing video games that include dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. But what are the most popular dinosaur-themed games? The answers might surprise you.

While there are a number of these types of games available, the three most popular categories are battling games, role-playing games, and classic arcade-style dinosaur games.

Animal Battles

Dinosaur games that include violent animal battles are quite popular for older teen and adult gamers. These games pit dinosaurs against each other, dinosaurs against other animals, or dinosaurs fighting humans. The graphics of these games are often quite bloody and harsh. The gameplay for these battles can last for hours, which might not be for everyone.

Graphic-heavy games like these require a gaming console or computer to run. They are rarely available as internet games and are even less likely to be free. Be ready for a time and money commitment if you want to get into the world of battling dinosaurs.


There are a few popular role-playing dinosaur games on the market as well. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a dinosaur roaming the earth? These games put you in the game creator’s imaginary world where you are the dinosaur. The goal is to stay alive by finding food, interacting with other animals, and avoiding or escaping dangerous situations. Like the animal battle games, role-playing dinosaur games generally require extended periods of time to play.

Many of these dinosaur role-playing games use mods and servers to enhance the action. Make sure that both your computer and internet connection are powerful enough before playing.

Classic Arcade Dinosaur Game

It might surprise you to learn that one of the most popular dinosaur games out there is actually the No Internet Dinosaur Game. The classic jumping and crouching action appeals to all ages. It is a super-fun way to pass the time. These games require great hand-eye coordination, patience, and perseverance. While they are challenging, they are also family friendly. Gamers of all ages can enjoy this simple game.

The classic No Internet Dinosaur Game is extremely accessible. All it requires is a web browser. This game works on any desktop computer or a mobile device. Our version here at No Internet Game is free to play as often as you would like. On top of the classic dinosaur game, we also offer free access to Hurdling, Equestrian, Surfing, Swimming, Skateboarding, Gymnastic, Night, 3-D Runner, 5-Rex, Two-Rex, and Rio Rex themed dinosaur games.

As well as offering a number of dinosaur-themed games, we’ve also stocked our No Internet Arcade full of a wide range of easy-to-access fun. We’ve included popular titles like Geometry Dash, Mario Run, Simon Says, and Pacman on our site. All of our games are free, easy to learn, and extremely satisfying to play. Share your high scores with your friends and see who can become the next champion!

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