Dinosaur Games - Have a Roaring Good Time

Gaming doesn’t have to be all about the graphics, since computer users have been gaming since before personal computers and advanced gaming consoles even made it to the home, starting with the first game of Pong. The dinosaur game introduced by Google was all about giving their users something to pass the time while their internet connection was failing so that they didn’t get too bored at their computer waiting for the connection to return. Of course, many found this game fun, but the only way to get access to it was to lose their connection. No Internet Game has come up with an alternative for those looking for the classic game, as well as variations, while still online.

How to Access the Classic Dinosaur Game

For those still wanting the original experience, you must have the Google Chrome browser installed. You can access the dinosaur game in a couple of different ways, either by having no internet connection, or by enabling offline mode for Google Chrome. Disabling the internet on your device isn’t too hard, as you have three options available to you: 1) disable your network device, 2) unplug your physical ethernet cable, or 3) disconnect from your wifi or turn off your home router. Of course, before turning off your home router, get permission from anybody else in your home, as you’ll disconnect everybody!

The Online Dinosaur Game

If you are looking for a dinosaur game while still being online, then look no further than the No Internet Game site. Now you can enjoy the fun of the little side scroller without having to take yourself offline. But of course, there are more options than just the classic version of the game in order to bring a little extra fun to the experience. What would be more exciting than a dinosaur riding a horse? Or maybe giving a dinosaur the experience of swimming down the river and experiencing a whole new set of hurdles?

Having a Roaring Time for Any Member of the Family

The great thing about the dinosaur game, whether on Google Chrome or online, is that it is a great family friendly game. Kids love dinosaurs, as do most adults! This game is family friendly, with no violence and no gore – nothing other than straight up, side-scrolling fun.

Need something to keep your family busy for a little while? Turn on the dinosaur game and start a mini tournament at home. Having matches of versus, and seeing who can make it further can occupy hours. With online versions of the game, you can have fun with variations on the basic game and make the game last much longer with the higher max score possible!

No Internet Game’s Dinosaur Game

The No Internet Game site has a variety of games that can keep anybody busy for a short period of time, or for hours. From the classics to skateboarding dinosaurs, you will have a blast! Also available in our arcade are dozens of other games to pass the time, which are great for a short break at work or playing family-friendly games with the kids.

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