What are the Top Five Free Games without Wifi or Internet?

Discover five top free games with no Wi-Fi or internet to play. When you’re disconnected from the internet, enjoy some games that keep working on your mobile devices.

Almost everybody is connected to the internet these days, whether it’s Wi-Fi, cell data, or a good old fashioned wired connection. So, what happens when you lose your internet connection, and you need some entertainment on your device? Internet connections don’t often go out, but when they do, you can make sure you are prepared with some free games that don’t need an internet connection to play. The following are five of the top free games with no Wi Fi needed in 2022.

A disclaimer before we continue: you need the game installed, and sometimes booted up at least once while you have an internet connection to ensure the content is fully downloaded, and ready for play when your internet or Wi-Fi goes out.

#5 – My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge

My Friend Pedro has been around for several years, and while there is a paid version available on many gaming platforms, you can get a free version on iOS and Android. The mobile version is more friendly for audiences as it lacks the amount of blood that the console or PC version has. Still, it’s popular amongst games with no Wi-Fi needed. The premise? As an action-based platform, you help Pedro jump, flip, and shoot his way through numerous platform levels with lots of excitement and danger for your little character along the way.

#4 – Archero

Another action-oriented game, Archero is available to play offline when you download it on iOS or Android for free. Considered a roleplaying roguelike game, you take your character through several levels, fighting off waves of monsters, and building up your skills until your character dies, then you try again! You get to choose from multiple heroes, and a whole host of weapons and ability upgrades as you play. So, when the internet goes out, pull out Archero and enjoy some fun times!

#3 – Sudoku

For those that are looking for something a bit more intellectual when it comes to their time off from the internet (whether on purpose, or not), then Sudoku is a great option. The classic Japanese number puzzle game, you try to fill out the grid by aligning unique numbers in both

rows, columns, and squares. There are numerous versions of sudoku available out there, but many of them are games with no Wi-Fi needed.

#2 – Pocket Build

There’ve been numerous voxel-based games in recent years, and Pocket Build is a great addition. Build your own little towns, farms, castles, or whatever your imagination can come up with using this little sandbox building game. Amongst games with no Wi-Fi needed, it’s a great option for children that want to explore their creativity, and adults that want to flex their childhood wonder.

#1 – 8 Ball Hero – Pool Puzzle Game

Combining the classic game of 8 ball pool with puzzle challenge features, this game is currently featured at the top of the Top 10 List of games with no Wi-Fi needed on iOS. This game can be picked up anytime you don’t have Wi-Fi and give you hours of fun, with singular games, or playing full tournaments.

If you are looking for free games with no Wi-Fi needed when your internet goes out, then check out our homepage at No Internet Games. Originally based on the well-known Google browser dinosaur game, we have many games available for you to play when you need some entertainment on internet-less nights

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