Why Do Kids Love to Play Dinosaur Games?

Kids love dinosaurs, but not all kids are allowed to play freely on the internet. Parents need a way for kids to play dinosaur games offline while they get things done.

Kids are fascinated by dinosaurs.  Throughout modern history, all children have loved these large, scaly lizards.  While they may seem fearsome, kids use their imagination to create various games. It is only natural that when video games became mainstream, all kids and adults were playing them. However, a majority of these games are gory and not aimed at children.  Kids want to play fun, non-violent dinosaur games offline to pass the time.

Kids Love Dinosaur Games Offline

All kids love dinosaurs. This is a fact. They have an almost mythical quality to them. It comes as no surprise that there are a variety of dinosaur games available across all PCs and consoles. In this technological era, almost everything is online. What do kids do when the internet goes down or if they aren’t allowed to play online? Offline games to the rescue!

In 2014, Google introduced the offline Dinosaur Game. When the browser loaded up with no internet connection, a little Dinosaur would appear. Users could play a dinosaur game offline while they waited for the internet to come back up. This game was fun for kids and adults.


Kids love dinosaur games because they love dinosaurs.  They love dinosaurs because they are big, scaly and fascinating.  Dinosaur games are equally as fun for adults because, let’s face it, pretending to be a dinosaur running around is awesome. There are some benefits for kids playing video games too:

  1. They develop problem solving skills and make decisions faster. Having to make split second decisions helps the brain train its quick thinking skills.
  2. They grow up to be happier. When you’re in a bad mood, it’s nice to fire up a game and lose yourself in it for a little while. Dinosaur games offline can improve mood through fun and exploration.
  3. Children who play games have less stress. Playing games reduces stress after a long, busy day.
  4. Playing games improves hand eye coordination and creativity. Using a keyboard to run around the screen or a touch pad on a mobile device forces the player to watch the screen and not what their hands are doing. It becomes almost instinctual. This is beneficial in other areas of life.
  5. Teaches new things. Playing games teaches kids to follow rules, implement strategies and learn new procedures – all while having fun.

No Internet Games Dinosaur Game is an enhanced version of Google’s no internet game. The controls are the same and there has been no changes made to the gameplay mechanics. What has changed is the scenery. The T-rex explores an interactive desert. In the future there will be more environments available.

Kids love dinosaurs games because they are so much fun and can have many benefits they don’t realize.  They are simple and fun for all ages. No Internet Games has a variety of Dinosaur Games Offline for kids and parents to enjoy. Our games are easily playable on mobile or PC.

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