The Evolution of No Internet Games

When people started discovering that you could play an endless runner game on Chrome when you have no internet, it became a sensation. The simple game, which involves the dinosaur that appears when you have no internet connection in Chrome, has provided endless entertainment to people looking for a distraction while their internet is out. So much, in fact, that the original no internet game is played an estimated 270 million times per month.

The game has become so popular that there are people dedicated to getting high scores and enterprise versions of Chrome let admins disable it, since students and workers alike were playing it instead of doing their work. But where exactly did the no internet game come from and how has it changed? Let’s look at its history and talk about where you can play the latest versions.

The Origins of the No Internet Game

The game was developed by Google’s UI (user interface) team to create something fun when the internet wasn’t working. The team – consisting of Sebastien Gabriel, Alan Bettes, and Edward Jung – stated that the game was intentionally developed to feel and look “prehistoric” and to be very simple in its look and feel. This wasn’t necessarily to keep it simple from a file size perspective but because they wanted something with an old school feel.

The game first launched in 2014 and was slowly discovered over the years by various people. Most can access it easily today by putting their device in airplane mode and opening Chrome. Alternatively, you can also open it directly within Chrome. If you want the latest and coolest version of this game, however, it’s best to visit No Internet Game, where you can find multiple variations that change aspects, offer different difficulties and so much more.

Since its inception, the game has changed and evolved. It has had one-off versions to celebrate different events, like the Olympics. It had new obstacles added in 2015. In September 2018, a celebratory Easter Egg was added to celebrate Chrome’s ten-year anniversary. When players reach the end of the desert section, a birthday cake appears and a birthday hat can appear on the dinosaur character.

The source code for the game was made available for people to play around with, which has exploded the variations and availability of the game across the internet.

Where to Find No Internet Games

Are you looking for a new version of the game that can provide new challenges, objectives, and aesthetics? Then head to No Internet Game. We have plenty of different versions to try. Do you love skateboarding? Then give the skateboarding dinosaur version a try. Want to tumble through like a gymnast? Try the gymnast version. There are plenty of other games available as well, all designed to entertain with low demands on your computer.

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