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Empire World War 3

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Empire: World War 3

Empire: World War 3 is a free-to-play browser-based strategy game. In this intense and thrilling game, you are tasked with creating and training your units and commanding them in fierce combat, which will require skill and cunning on your part. Choosing a commander to lead multiple armies with different attributes is the key to building and training several troops. 

Develop strategic alliances with other players while looting and sabotaging your enemies’ bases as you explore the vast world map. Secure the highest amount of the rare resource Millennium by prospecting and mining it. You’ll need to acquire Millennium in order to build your bases and armies. Do anything you can to have the highest stash of Millennium and obtain it before your enemies do. You must update your troops and research different technologies as you level up. We are at the beginning of the third world war, so get ready to play!