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No Internet Arcade

It’s mission time for you. Save all the ducklings from aquatic life. There are dangers like reckless boat drivers who row into you and end your objectives early. Keep collecting ducklings and bringing them home safely. Make your home the baddest bird nest in the bay by reaching targets.

Here’s how to play

Ducklings need your help!

Swim around the lake and save ducklings by floating near them. Return the ducklings to their nest. Keep saving ducklings as you go.

When you reach a certain number of ducklings, your nest gets upgraded. Save ducklings until your nest becomes a duck fortress.

Stay away from danger!

You’re not the only duck in There are other ducks competing to save the ducklings too, and they won’t hesitate to take them away from you. Make sure you don’t get hit by a boat and watch out for sneaky ducks. It’s game over if you get hit by a boat!