Dinosaur Game

Instructions: Press the space bar to start the game. Then use the up (↑) and down (↓) arrow keys to control the dinosaur.

No Internet Arcade

Dinosaur Game

Looking for a fun, classic game that’s great for all ages? No Internet Game’s Dinosaur Game is a spin-off of Google’s classic Dino Game. Enjoy one of the all-time favorite running dinosaur games in an re-imagined desert environment. It’s good old-fashioned fun that requires no internet!

Enjoy Dinosaur Games Offline!

Did you know that there are Chrome dino games you can play offline? For years, Google has offered Chrome dinosaur games that you can play—even when you don’t have an internet connection!

This simple game, introduced by Google in 2014 and created by Sebastian Gabriel was originally built as a hidden Easter egg when browsers reached Google Chrome’s “No Internet Connection Error” page. It remains one of the favorite no internet games out there, as it offers a fun diversion for adults and kids alike.

About the Dinosaur Game

So, what’s the object of this no-internet dino game? It’s an endless runner game featuring the fearsome, famous and fast T-Rex. You control the T-Rex, who’s become trapped in the desert and faces tons of obstacles. Your goal is to dodge the obstacles, all while the game speeds up and you progress further into the desert. Survive as long as possible, all while jumping, ducking and dodging tons of obstacles. It’s so simple to play—just control your T-Rex with the up and down arrow keys to avoid obstacles and keep running. Keep playing to beat your high score!

Dinosaur Game Olympics

To commemorate the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Google introduced an all-new version of the classic No Internet Dino Game. This Olympics-themed version starts off the same way as the original one, but if you encounter a torch in the game, your T-Rex instantly becomes an Olympic athlete! Your cute, loveable dino even wears special outfits for each event.

Your T-Rex can take part in sports like Equestrian, Gymnastics, Hurdling, Surfing and Swimming. While you can’t find The Dinosaur Game Olympics on Google’s “No Internet Connection Page,” you can play it right here on No Internet Game! We make it easy for you to play all five versions of this exciting take on the classic Dinosaur Game, along with all your other favorite offline games.

Endless Runners Are Fun to Play!

Why are endless runner games like the Dinosaur Game and Dinosaur Game Olympics so addictive to play? They offer a simple, snackable, bite-sized gaming experience that never gets old! Since there are no levels to qualify—and no stages to complete—the simple, linear game fills up brief moments of time where you need a distraction or momentary pause from everyday life. With simple rules and complete freedom of playing, it’s easy to see why runner games are a great diversion for people of all ages.

Dinosaur Games with No Internet Required Are Fun for All Ages

Jumping dinosaur games offer endless fun for adults and kids alike. The best part? You can play this game anywhere while you’re on the go, whether you have an internet connection or not! Our game features an expanded desert environment that’s fun to explore, and we’re adding new environments soon. Check back often to see which environments we add next!