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Basketball Stars

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Basketball Stars

In Basketball Stars, you can shoot b-ball with the likes of LeBron James, James Harden, and Stephen Curry! You can play solo or with a friend as a variety of legendary basketball players.

A fun sports game, Basketball Stars is a prequel to Basketball Legends, another fun game available at No Internet Game for free.

Play solo or with a friend

With 1v2 and 2v2 quick match basketball games, you can also play head-to-head. If you’re playing seriously, join tournament mode and battle your way through the heats to become the ultimate basketball star.

Shoot hoops like a pro

In Basketball Stars, you’ll be able to score impressive points by hitting three-pointers, alley-oops, and slam dunks. Dash around and take epic jump shots to keep your opponent on their toes.

Basketball Stars offers players with unique abilities, such as mega dunking, defense, and fast break, so choose the pair you think will win.